Solutions for your ATS

Global Career Net Bespoke SaaS (Software as a Service) solutions for ATS

In a consultant advisory role we collaborate with your SaaS provider and the companies Human Resources or Talent Acquisitions leadership team to develop your organization’s ATS with a recognized best in class approach.  We provide guidance upon the initial strategy for your implementation or in a later stage can work to add value to the system by identifying greater efficiency outcomes. Thinking in terms of a concept for identifying your organizational genome (the unique DNA that makes up the company), we then create and establish a data directory to act as our foundation markers.

Identifying the DNA data of your organization enables the ability to properly isolate key candidates in your applicant pool.  Inside an organization’s ATS system of applicants exists a significant pool of organizationally engaged candidates that could be pipelines for future job openings.  If upon applying you set up a screening and scoring system to isolate and automatically tag these candidates that are in the business niche as well as aligned within business functional requirements, you end up creating an additional talent pool systematically aligned into talent pipelines.